Hotel Belvedere Zakopane

Come stay at the undisputed champion of the Tatra - the Belvedere. Here, top-notch luxury meets the pristine alpine air and you get to take advantage of it all!

Nestled in the White Valley - a stunning site in its own rite - Hotel Belvedere fits right in with its local architecture. True to the Highlander style, you'll find fine wood finishings and local art bespeckling every nook and cranny. You'll also find a few perks that don't necessarily grow on trees: squash courts, a pool, an entire spa, and saunas and masseuses aplenty! Nothing beats a good back rub after a long day of swooping around the mountains.

The Belvedere has it all: the high-tech and the Highlander. Come enjoy the best of both worlds. Book early to ensure a spot - think real early if you plan on visiting around the Holidays! Perfect for business or pleasure, let the Belvedere ensure your Zakopane getaway becomes your best trip ever!

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